Reactive or also known as rescue calls are typically suitable for companies or individuals that does not rely heavily on computers. For example, where a downtime does not mean life or death situation. Also suitable for companies that does not have a large numbers of computers and I.T. equipment as well as application. This package will fit all SOHOs, small and medium sized firms, with 10 or less computers.


A conventional service upon request. If you do not anticipate frequent and major problems arising from the equipment then this would probably do. Nevertheless, all our services no matter how small or big are equally as important and we serve with equal enthusiasm and quality assurance.


A conventional service with a fresh option. To put it clearly, buy now use later. A saving which we reward you for making the right choice. Our dedicated Accounts manager which will ensure accurate management of your account and to keep you updated periodically. Points are deducted for each service you received and have your own choice of topping up whenever you want.

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